Value from insurance without making a claim, that’s something to smile about

17 July 2015

Real life can’t always be wall to wall sunshine and sometimes problems that are difficult to resolve can quickly drag people down. Whether your client’s problem is legal or something personal with our Essential Legal Solutions cover they can get help as often as they need it.

Legal and tax advice
- Our legal advice line is available 24/7 all year around, we can help with any commercial legal matter from problems with an employee to contract disputes and problems with debt recovery.
- We are available to answer commercial tax queries 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.   

Business Legal Services website
In addition your clients can access our online legal services and download legal documents that help with everyday business guides which can help your clients business with everything from employment contracts and settlement agreements to leases and health & safety.

Counselling assistance
Your client and their employees (and family permanently living with them) can access confidential help and advice, from our qualified counsellors who are available to provide telephone support on any matter that is causing upset.

Crisis communication
If your client needs help in responding to  negative publicity or media attention effecting their business they can access professional public relations support and crisis communication services.

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