Value from insurance without making a claim, that’s something to smile about

08 September 2015

 Thingclaims arag uk insurances don’t always go the way you plan them and unexpected problems can be time consuming and stressful to deal with. Whether your client’s problem is legal or something personal with our Family Legal Solutions cover they can get help as often as they need it.

Legal and tax advice
Our legal advice line is available 24/7 all year around, we can help with any personal legal matter from problems with employment and personal injury, to consumer contract and disputes with neighbours. We are available to answer commercial tax queries 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.   

Consumer Legal Services
In addition your clients can access our online legal services and download legal documents and letters that can help with everyday legal matters concerning everything from wills and consumer disputes to landlord notices. Many documents are free while others attract a modest fee.

Identity Theft advice and resolution service
Identity theft is an increasingly common problem these days; if it happens to your clients we can help them resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We offer telephone advice on how they can keep their ID secure, and if something does go wrong a full resolution service is available. This puts our policyholder in touch with a case worker who can assist with drafting letters to financial institutions and suppliers of goods or services. They will also help callers to contact the three credit rating agencies if it is necessary to repair a damaged credit rating.

Rachael Wornes
Marketing Manager

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