The value of BTE LEI has just increased by a few £ms

18 December 2015

The Government has published its response to its consultation on enhanced fees for possession claims and general applications in civil proceedings, and further fee proposals.

The Government says it has considered all of the responses to the consultation very carefully. Despite the majority of respondents disagreeing with proposals to increase civil court fees and introduce first tier tribunal fees the Government  has decided to proceed with most of the proposals for fee increases set out in the consultation. The Government wishes to ease the burden on the taxpayer and bring down the deficit and while recognising that the increases may make some litigants reconsider whether they wish to pursue litigation in light of the cost and the prospects of success, including the likelihood of recovering a judgement against the respondent it does not overall believe that the proposed fee increases will prevent people from bringing proceedings. The increased fees are expected to generate £15m per annum once parliamentary time allows for the statutory instruments to be passed..

In particular our landlord policyholders who may need to seek repossession and others wishing to pursuing money claims should  benefit from enhanced value from their LEI covers.


Lesley Attu

Product Development Manager



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