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17 September 2018

For a lot of us, learning is something we associate with our younger years and school, college, sixth form or university. Our later years are traditionally just for work.

Recently though this has been changing. More and more people are seeking out new skills and information, both to stay ahead in their careers and exercise their minds. The NHS advises adults continue to learn for their entire lives to keep up their mental wellbeing.

Continued professional learning and mental wellbeing  are a huge focus for us as a business. This year we've been working on something to mirror what we are doing internally and offer our business partners the same opportunity to learn.

To do this we're launching a completely free online training platform. This platform is designed to be a simple, easy to use way to get you intimately familiar with our products and services. It's available on your desktop just through your web browser, or on any iPhone, iPad or Android device using the EduMe app. You can see a sample of what the platform looks like on the right.

Our first module is an introduction to legal expenses insurance, then there is a specific module to help you get to grips with our recently relaunched Essential Business Legal.

The training platform has been tested and trialled both internally at ARAG and externally with some of our business partners to very positive feedback. It could even qualify towards the continual professional development (CPD) hours you need for this year, to find out if it does speak to your supervisor or compliance team.

To get started with the ARAG training platform all you need to do is click here. You'll need to sign up with your email and a password, and don't worry we won't be using your data for any marketing.

It's completely free and we'll be adding new modules on other products and services in the future so you might want to bookmark the site so you can check back.


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