My month in Bristol at the ARAG UK

09 June 2015

Hi I’m Kilian, a 17 year old student from Germany. I had the great opportunity to spend a month abroad in the lovely city of Bristol and in the great company of ARAG UK.

I lived in a nice apartment and met many interesting and nice Bristolian people. Apart from my internship, I really enjoyed exploring the city and visiting the typical sights of Bristol like the Suspension Bridge and the SS Great Britain.
Of course I also enjoyed the Bristolian Night Life which is quite similar to the scene in Germany. In my view Bristol really deserves it to be mentioned as one of the best places to live in the UK!

During my working experience at ARAG I received various impressions of the insurance business in the UK, about the market, the competition and the work with solicitors and brokers.
Besides the great knowledge that was given to me, I was really impressed by the working environment which exists in the company. It is very different to what I expected a usual working environment to be because of the very friendly relationships between the managers and their employees.

An event which will stick in my mind forever happened in my second week when one of the managers went round his department asking his employees whether he could make them something to drink. Although this was just a small gesture I think is what actually shapes a good working environment. I really appreciated the way the guys treated me with respect and patience while sharing their knowledge with me and how they worked together as a team instead of focussing on their own business.

Referring to the above, the four weeks I spent in Bristol and at ARAG have gone very fast and I can look back to many kind people, many funny and interesting chats and overall a very nice and exciting time, which I will always remember.

I want to say thank you to everyone who was involved in my little journey and who made it an unforgettable event.

Looking forward to seeing some of you again sometime.

Thank you!

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