Major relaunch of commercial legal protection range

08 May 2018


Leading legal expenses and emergency assistance provider ARAG is relaunching its range of commercial legal protection policies, which now feature an “Executive Suite” of covers to protect senior officers of the insured business against various personal risks, acknowledging that such events might adversely impact the organisation.

The upgrade also includes new cover, requested by brokers, for Fees for Intervention levied by the Health and Safety Executive and more than doubles the limit of indemnity for ARAG’s popular crisis communications cover. Essential Business Legal, ARAG’s most popular commercial product, is the first in the range to be updated, this week.

“It’s not easy running a business,” comments Product Development Manager, Lesley Attu “least of all for SMEs, where personal legal and tax affairs are often closely linked to those of the company.”

“The Executive Suite recognises this, bolstering existing covers and adding new protections that acknowledge the connection between personal risks and the business. We’ve also created an innovative solution to help resolve disputes between business partners.”

The Executive Suite covers directors, partners, proprietors and chief officers, and includes representation for personal tax investigations and defence of motor prosecutions, as well as providing an identity theft resolution service. The cover to help resolve disputes between business partners will meet the cost of independent mediation.

ARAG’s groundbreaking crisis communications cover is also extended to offer the benefit of specialist public relations advice and support in the event of adverse media coverage about a senior executive’s personal life that could negatively impact the business.

“Covering Fees for Intervention is a great example of how we listen to brokers and build the products they need,” adds Underwriting and Marketing Director, David Haynes. “This relaunch puts some daylight between our most popular product and its competitors and gives numerous, significant benefits to our policyholders.”

ARAG’s new Essential Business Legal Solutions package is available from May 9.

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