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27 October 2015

There's no sign of innovation fatigue as ARAG powers forward with creative ideas to convert change into opportunity.

We always listen carefully to customer feedback and do our best to ensure our products are innovative and bang up to date. We also look for ways we can enhance and improve our cover so our customers get that little bit extra from us.

Before the event
As part of our Motor Breakdown Solutions UK update we have :
  • increased the amounts available for alternative transportation and emergency over- night accommodation where it is necessary to arrange this,
  •  removed the annual aggregate limit on the sum payable,
  •  increased the size of vehicle available for onward transportation if it's not possible to fix a breakdown  the same day, and we will
  • provide additional help with costs incurred in collecting a vehicle on completion of the repair.    
We have also added an additional section of cover for customers who accidentally fill their vehicle with the wrong fuel.
Due to increasing demand from customers touring further afield we have added a combined UK and Europe breakdown product to our range. Our European cover extends to the whole of Europe and also includes repatriation if your vehicle can’t be repaired.  

If you would like any further information on these products please call 0117 307 2278.

After the event
With a leading market role in clinical negligence cases, ARAG is rebalancing its ATE activities with a new focus on Employers Liability/ Public Liability (EL/PL) business. For some solicitors this could mean lower premiums. It depends on the overall composition of supporting firms' ATE portfolios and applies particularly to firms new to ARAG.
A recent Reserve Analysis revealed there was some room for manoeuvre on rates, with premiums now being cut, slightly more in the case of PL.
To further increase competitiveness, split rates are being offered for fast and multi-track cases. This will avoid adverse selection from firms with a high proportion of multi-track cases on the current blended rate, and also for those predominantly insuring on the multi-track. It confirms ARAG's commitment to flexibility which will also be seen in high value multi-track cases (over £100,000) where individual rating can prove beneficial.
Meanwhile, firms wishing to restrict their ATE insurance needs solely to any failure to beat a Part 36 offer, can select cover either with, or without, the risk of their own disbursements. Taking such cover at the outset, for opponents' costs only, is £110 for both EL and PL.
If you would like any further information on these products please call 0117 917 1680.

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