Corporate Social Responsibility

Spring Statement 2016

This is only our fourth CSR Spring Statement but we’ve already made massive strides advancing our status as a truly ethical, socially responsible and quality insurer.

The purpose of this document is to reflect on what we achieved in 2016 and to commit to a new agenda of stretching targets for 2017. However, this year our CSR agenda will be advanced by the actions of our new CSR Committee – a group comprising key ARAG colleagues from across our entire business. As such our Committee can now draw on broader business interests and knowledge; the status quo can be challenged even further.

“At ARAG, our role is to help our customers and insureds to have access to justice that may define the future quality of their lives. We regard our business as not only being socially and economically necessary but that we also fulfil a broader role within society in general. Our CSR policy reflects this belief and is our commitment to a socially responsible employer and business. We pride ourselves on setting challenging targets and measuring our performance in the CSR arena so that we gain the trust of our customers and insureds who can then be confident that they have chosen the right partner in ARAG.”
Tony Buss, Managing Director


Our Goals

Our goals for 2017-2020 are quite simple, as the best ones quite often are. They are:

Our Customers and the Insureds
During 2017 we will gladly begin our journey with the Institute of Customer Services, and start thinking more about the customer experience.

  • We will target accreditation of the BTE Claims function within the next three years and expand this to the whole BTE value stream thereafter.
  • In doing so, we will look to engage with the insured far more than we currently do; our goal is to increase our Satisfaction Survey returns from ~2% to 10% over the next three years.

Our Environment
We will continue with our two principal environmental goals, namely:

  • To reduce our CO2 emissions per £m Earned Income by 2% per year 
  • Offset through whatever means 100% of our annual direct carbon emissions 

Our Workplace
Over the next three years, our latest HR Strategy, amongst other goals, looks to:

  • Improve staff satisfaction survey results, but in particular the areas of Personal Growth, My Team and My Manager (by 10% each).  We hope to achieve three star accreditation from Best Companies by 2020;
  • Ensure at least 20% of eligible staff are regularly using Agile Working without barriers.
  • Target corporate accreditation with Chartered Institute of Insurance in recognition of increased learning within the Workplace. 

Our Community and social impact

  • Raise a minimum of £5,000 per year for our primary nominated charity and give a total to charity equal to or greater than 0.25% of Pre-Tax Profits each year
  • Increase the uptake of Payroll Giving by at least 20% over the next three years and maintain or better our Silver Award accreditation;
  • Increase the number of company-paid work days given to charitable causes by 10% over the next three years.