Code of Ethics

As the internationally successful, innovative quality insurer, the issue of  ‘ethics’ is something that has been important to us for some time now; indeed, ethical behaviour and decision making can be seen throughout ARAG’s history. 

Moreover, the subject of ethics and ethical trade is now headline news with column inches regularly devoted to the latest scandal and corporate misdemeanour.  This is particularly relevant in the world of finance and insurance and has sparked numerous reviews by the FCA and the businesses that work in this arena.

It’s hardly surprising therefore that our CSR programme identified ethics as an area in need of formalising; to spell out exactly what ‘ethics’ means to us and how we will ensure our colleagues act accordingly.
With the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) and the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) also publishing their codes recently, now seemed the ideal time for us to fully consider and realise our stance on the subject.

Our new Code of Ethics cements our commitment to ethical practice for everyone to see; shareholders, customers and staff alike.  Our Managing Director, Tony Buss, who is also a member of the MGAA’s Ethics Committee, wants ARAG to demonstrate its Pioneering Spirit and lead by example; not only in the arena of Legal Expenses Insurance, but across the insurance industry and beyond. 
Part of our commitment to ethics is to encourage others to also adopt a measurable policy on the matter and in doing so inspire a new approach in business decision making.    

Read ARAG’s Code of Ethics by clicking on the link below.  If you have any questions about our Code of Ethics, please feel free to contact a member of the ARAG team.  Likewise, if you want help drafting and adopting your own code of ethics, ARAG will be happy to help in any way we can.