Family Prosecution Defence Insurance

UK criminal law is based on the principle that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. If your client or a member of their family is accused of committing a criminal act, they have the right and freedom to defend themselves in court.

Family Prosecution Defence covers the cost of legal representation, defence costs and loss of earnings up to £50,000 within the United Kingdom, including:

  • legal representation at an interview by the police or other authority with the power to conduct a criminal investigation
  • preparing a defence to criminal charges following an arrest (whether or not in custody)
  • a Magistrates’ or Crown Court trial or an appeal court
  • a formal investigation or disciplinary hearing brought against you by a regulatory or professional body
  • bringing or defending an appeal against sentence or conviction.
  • cover is also available for loss of earnings.

When we accept a claim we will appoint a lawyer or other expert who provide effective representation to protect their legal rights.

Additional benefits and services accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Legal Advice: your clients will have access to a legal helpline on any criminal or regulatory matter within UK law
  • Urgent Legal Representation: urgent solicitor representation at the police station
  • Consumer Legal Services website: a free service that allows your client to build and download legal documents such as letters relating to motoring offences
  • Counselling Assistance: telephone support for an insured and their family
  • Online law guide

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